Frequently Asked Questions

What types of branded merchandise do you offer, and can I request custom items?

We offer an extensive range of merchandise, including apparel, stationery, tech gadgets, promotional items, confectionery and completely bespoke products.  Our team of sourcing experts will present you with a multitude of innovative ideas that suit your brief and budget.

Do you provide design templates, or should I create my own artwork?

We can provide design templates to help you get started, you can provide your own artwork for customisation or our friendly agencypds team can handle all of the design for you.

How do I ensure my brand's design and colours are accurately reproduced on the merchandise?

Our highly experienced agencypds designers and state-of-the-art printing technologies ensure that your brand's design and colours are respected and accurately replicated, every time!

Can I source eco-friendly merchandise, and how can I ensure it aligns with my brand's values?

Yes, we offer many forms of eco-friendly merchandise. Our experienced sourcing team can guide you in selecting items that align with your brand's sustainability values.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded merchandise, and are there bulk order discounts?

Minimum order quantities vary by product our team are happy to provide specific details based on your needs.

How do I manage the storage of my branded merchandise, especially for larger quantities?

As part of our end to end service we offer storage solutions for your branded merchandise. Our facilities are secure and extensive to accommodate your needs and to ensure the safety and quality preservance of your items.

What is the average turnaround time for order fulfilment and delivery?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the product and quantity. Our team will always provide estimated delivery times based on your order specifics to enable you to decide what is right for your campaigns and needs.

Can you handle international shipping for branded merchandise to our global offices or clients?

Yes, we offer international shipping services, making it easy to reach your global audience.

Do you have a system for tracking inventory and reordering merchandise when stock runs low?

Yes, PDS+ our bespoke inventory management system will help you track stock levels and ensure timely reorders, it can also enable your teams access to autonomously order products

How can I maintain control and visibility over my branded merchandise, especially if I have multiple locations or remote teams ordering?

We offer a centralised ordering system (PDS+) and online portal for managing your branded merchandise. This allows for control and visibility across multiple locations or teams, making the process more efficient for you and for your teams, ensuring they have what they need.